Terms and Conditions

Piggybackit.com is a Totally Free site to users, aiming to enable people making a journey to contact people needing to make the same journey, and people needing to go somewhere or collect or send something to make contact with people traveling in that same direction.

Piggybackit.com accepts NO responsibility for ANYTHING actual or implied or imagined that does or may or might result from your use of this site.

Senders and Carriers are advised that best practice would be to communicate fully with other members before meeting them to ensure YOU are happy to deal with that member.
Avoid meeting strangers in remote or secluded locations.
Avoid sending items of value and arrange any compensation be settled at the point of delivery.

Senders are advised NEVER to load any vehicle other than the one with the registration plate registered with this site.

People looking to travel in person (car sharing) are advised not to travel alone.

Carriers are reminded that carrying goods or people for reward may have implications on their Insurance and Income tax, and it is their responsibility to ensure they comply fully with such requirements and the law.

Piggybackit.com makes no checks into the background of its users and keeps no permanent records of their activities through this site and it is the responsibility of you the user to decide whether you wish to deal with any other member.

Use of this site is entirely the responsibility of you the user and information posted on this site is entirely the users responsibility.

Piggybackit.com will attempt to keep information stored on this site private and secure but makes no guarantees that this information cannot be subject to unauthorised extraction, therefore Piggybackit.com advises that information stored on here should NOT be of a highly sensitive nature.
(AVOID using usernames or passwords you normally use for other SENSITIVE sites).

Piggybackit.comís contributors, operators, directors, owners and any person people or organisation who may or might be deemed to be responsible for Piggybackit.comís existence hereby state that they take no responsibility for content of the site and that they accept NO responsibility for ANYTHING actual or implied or imagined that does or may or might result from any use of this site by any person entity organisation or equipment.

Piggybackit.com makes no guarantees that this site will be functioning and/or available at any time and Piggybackit.com reserves the right to remove all of the site or any part of it or its information or any member or any members information at any time.

Piggybackit.com will take action against malicious attacks against it