Welcome to PiggyBackIt

  • There are people everywhere trying to move things from Point A to point B, Things that aren't suited to the postal system and which would not survive or are not worth a couriers fees.  A cake for a birthday, a second hand lawnmower, a Pet in transit, a second hand fridge or a Canoe, a Student trying to get stuff to UNI or seeking a lift to a festival etc.
  • Similarly there are Cars, Trailers, Vans and Trucks everywhere driving from Point A to Point B who might appreciate the possibility of a little fuel money along the way.

  • How many times have people driven 100s of miles each way to collect something they bought "cheap" online, and then added £80 Fuel plus wear and tear not to mention 5 hours of their life, going to collect it.
  • This Website aims to connect those needing to send or collect or even make a journey as a passenger, with those making the journey already, to the mutual benefit of all and hopefully reducing carbon emissions and road congestion to some extent as well.
  • Piggybackit is not a courier service, its simply a totally free information service which tries to connect people making a journey with people needing a similar journey made.
  • Why not try it, simply sign up and register your journey to work or your monthly trip to see your Parents or whatever journeys you make,  and let Piggybackit try to match you with someone.
  • We only just re-launched the site in FEBRUARY 2020 so please give it some time to build up members, and please TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS to sign up too.
  • Oh and please take a look at our advertisers .... Thanks