How It Works

Anyone can be a Sender or a Carrier or both, it is totally free to advertise a "Transport Required" or a "Transport Available" advert, what's more this site will charge you nothing at any time for using it.

Anyone can scan the "Transport Available" and "Transport Required" ads above without being a member, but they will only get basic information, you need to sign up FOR FREE to contact other advertising members.

All you need to do.       In order to place your first "Transport Available" or "Transport Required" advert is register with your chosen  User or Company Name, your proper verifiable First and Family names and an email address,

SENDERS.       Once you have signed up as above and confirmed your email address you can then create a "Transport Required" advert by simply stating where you or your item are going from and to, you can register a fee you have in mind whether you want to go as a passenger, or need something towing, plus a basic description of the item and its dimensions and weight and this will place an advert of "Transport Required".     You can become a carrier at any time simply by creating a "Carrier Profile", but if you don't want to do that yet please scroll down to "What Happens Next"

 CARRIERS.       You don’t have to be a courier or truck driver to be a Carrier, you might be travelling in a car or motorcycle, you could even be travelling by train and carry something in your luggage (special registration required for Non Vehicular Carriers).

Regardless, you can advertise your ability to carry and what size or weight you might take whatever your mode of transport.

Once you have confirmed the email address you sent us you can then create a "Carrier Profile" by telling us your vehicle and its registration number (this must be accurate as senders will be told NOT TO LOAD vehicles with the wrong registration number) (if you wish to carry without a vehicle you will need to send Piggybackit a picture ID and proof of address, by contacting

Thats it you are a full carrier member. Next you advertise your "Transport Available" advert by saying where you are going from and to plus any expected stops along the way. Next you register whether you can carry passengers, a desired minimum fee and the maximum dimensions and weight, whether you can tow etc and this will place an advert of availability "Transport Available".

What Happens Next.       The Website will search based on 20Km Geography and other parameters to suggest a possible match, if there is a match it will show it to you and prompt you to read it so that you can be put in touch with the suggested parties. If there is no match at present the system will email you if one is found later, and you are also able to search the general "Transport Required" listings for matches.

Once a match has been selected by you, you will be able to contact the matched advertiser by email.

You will never be charged to be put in touch with matched advertisers, will never charge you for anything, but you must read and agree the Terms and Conditions each time you contact another member.