Frequently Asked Questions

Q.       What’s the purpose of this site?
A. is a Totally Free site to users, aiming to enable people making a journey to contact people needing to make the same journey, and people needing to go somewhere or Collect or Send something to make contact with people traveling in that same direction.
Q.       What’s the Idea behind this site?
A.       The creator of likes to buy and sell on well known internet auction sites but is constantly frustrated by the cost of carriage, "what use is a £20 canoe if its going to cost £100 to collect it?". simply aims to enable people that need to move something to find other people who are traveling that way already, its good for them its good for you and its good for the environment.
Q.       Is it safe to SEND through Piggybackit?
A. is not a courier company it simply stores journey adverts and matches them up, however some of the members may well be licensed couriers and delivery services. It is the responsibility of you the collector / sender to ensure you are happy to deal with any other member you meet through this site, the site provides a feedback system so a picture of past performance can be built up. certainly would not recommend you put your latest Rembrandt into the back of Mr. Smiths car and give him £10 for delivering it because you might never see it again, but a second hand mower or cheap horsebox or a cake for your granny would be ideal for Mr. Smiths car, especially if you pay him when he arrives. provides no insurance or guarantee if an Item fails to arrive, but some Courier / Carrier members might, look for the carriers details or just ask them.
You should read the Best Practise Guide below to know what to expect in a negotiation.

Q.       What does it cost?
A. charges you nothing ..... ever..... unlike its "competitors" who get a percentage.     So the only thing you pay should be a contribution to the carriers expenses. The less work the carrier has to do the cheaper it should be for you, so if you meet them to load the item and someone meets them to unload it then it should be cheaper for you than if you ask them to go door to door, but its all agreed and decided in a personal negotiation in private between you.
Q.       To become a Carrier what do I need to do?
A.       You can advertise any journey as a "Transport Available Ad", your daily trip to work, your monthly trip to your mothers house, your one off holiday trip to a chalet in Switzerland, any journey becomes an opportunity for you to help a fellow member, and perhaps regain a contribution towards some of your costs.
You should read the Best Practise Guide below to know what to expect in a negotiation.
Carriers must bear in mind some car insurers might not allow carrying for payment or reward so it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your activities fall within your Insurance and Income tax requirements. understands that you are usually allowed to carry stuff in your private car etc, as long as it's not generating a profit you should not be breaching the terms of your insurance etc, and what happens after you arrive and park should be your business. has no knowledge of and keeps no records of the substance of any agreements between its members.
Q.       Whats the Best Practice guide?
A.       Senders and Carriers are advised that best practice would be to communicate fully with other members before meeting them to ensure YOU are happy to deal with that member.
Avoid meeting strangers in remote or secluded locations.
Avoid sending items of significant monetary value and arrange that any compensation be settled at the point of delivery, rather than collection.
Senders are advised NEVER to load any vehicle other than the one with the registration plate registered with this site.
People looking to travel in person (car sharing) and who are planning to travel alone are advised to exercise great care.

But it's all up to you what you do ... we just hope to dish out information for members to use as they wish.

Q.       What accessability policy does piggybackit Operate?
A.       Piggybackit is not a Company, It is a free website provided for free with no staff or customer service facility, whilst we have every intention that all members of the public should be able to use this facility, we can't do any more than has been done in the current build.      If however you feel that the site has failed in some way to provide reasonable access then please feel free to contact Piggybackit via the contacts page and your comments will recieve serious consideration.